Since 1998 our focus has been to develop web sites to promote livestock and ag-related business. Showsteers.com was the first "Nationwide Directory" For Show Steers, Club Calves, Show Cattle, and Breeding Cattle and it continues to be the "Most Visited" web site of it's kind.
We specialize in web site design for Club Calf Producers, AI Sire Promotion, Cattle Sales. Along with domain registration, web site hosting, web site maintenance, and web site makeovers. If you have an existing web site and need to reach more customers we offer links on our "Cattle Directory". If you have a web site and wish for a "New Look", contact us about a redesign.
We strive to maintain high quality, easy to use, affordable web sites. We are committed to designing first class web sites from the smallest farms to the largest ranches.
We are deeply rooted in the cattle industry with  years of experience in advertising and web site design.  We take pride in our customer service and offer the fastest turn around time for updates and new web design.  Your success is our success!
Contact us today...we would be happy to discuss your web site project with you.

Read our Customer Comments and find out why we are the cattleman's choice for web site design.

Why Showsteers.com?
The most prominent names in the industry have chosen SHOWSTEERS.COM to design/host their site.  Why? They realize that first impressions are lasting and they benefit from the repeat traffic that we have worked hard to bring to Showsteers.com.  Our years of experience in the club calf business and web site design provides them the best service available.
There is only one Web Site address to remember: Showsteers.com!  Everyone in the business knows it's where you can quickly and easily find what you are looking for...No sorting through hundreds of unrelated web sites.

Options & Pricing:
We started Showsteers.com because we believed it would work.  We are cattle people; we know cattle and we wanted to help others promote their cattle at an affordable price. We know the dollar never stretches far enough...

Showsteers.com Web Site:
Your web site address will be www.showsteers.com/yourname
Home page- $300/year
Additional Pages- $100/year/page
Pictures- $10/image. 
We don't charge a separate design, setup, or hosting fee. That's all included in the yearly cost!  Plus you receive a link on showsteers.com (a $300 value) that others have purchased.  Your site will automatically be listed on the "All Sites, & Listing by States" Pages and any other page you request.
There are
NO quarterly fees - We keep it simple, you only pay for what you use.  There are NO surprises!

Examples of Web Site Cost:
     1 Page Web Site & 5 Pictures - $350 - Great for that small operation.
     2 Page Web Site & 15 Pictures - $550 - Still less expensive than a full page magazine ad.

Your Own Domain:
Your web site address will be www.yourchoice.com
Domain Registration, Hosting & Maintenance. A good choice for those involved in both the Club Calf Industry and the Purebred Business.
We will obtain your own url (site address), host, design and maintain it.
Domain and Hosting - $150/year if you have your site listed on Showsteers.com
Domain & Hosting if your site is not listed is $255.
Design and Maintenance - Please Contact Us for a quote.
$300 for a Link on Showsteers.com. 
If you do a comparison you will find that, any way you figure it, we all charge about the same!

We receive many requests from web site owners who would like to be listed on Showsteers.com.  They've had someone else build a site for them and realize they would like to benefit from the 1000's of visitors we receive daily.
For $300/year your site will be automatically be listed on the "All Sites, & Listing by States" Pages and any other page you request.  If you add pictures or have updated your site contact us and we will place a "Flag" next to your listing. If you have a sale coming up and would like to be on the Sale Page, email us the details and we will get your sale listed.

Site Redesign:
Is your existing web site stale and outdated?  Do you want to improve your web site and have it updated in a timely manner?  Contact Us and we get you on the way to that "New Look".

Contact Us:
Toll Free: 1-877-553-5935
Becky Thompson: 903-564-5186  E-mail: becky@showsteers.com
Dianna Elder: 641-780-8804  Email: dianna@showsteers.com

Getting Set Up:
You don't have to know a thing about computers or the Internet to have a web site. You don't even have to own a computer! A basic web page should have about the same amount of information as an 8 1/2" X 11" print ad. We suggest if you use more than five images you should add another page. (The longer the page and the more pictures the longer it takes the page to load).

Design Time:

New Sites...
Most sites can be up and running within a few days from the time we receive all of your pictures and information. When you approve the design, we'll make your site available to the public as soon as we receive payment.
After your site is up and running simple changes in text or new pictures can usually be taken care of the same day if received early in the day. Because of the large number of pictures for the fall sales don't wait until the last minute to send us your pictures.

Links & Updates...
Most links and updates are completed within 24 hours. We try not to work on the weekends but can usually accommodate a request if it's something that needs to be done immediately. (there be a $25 rush fee). If you send an email and you do not receive a response back or if you don't see the changes to your site or your listing flagged please call us; we most likely did not receive your request. Even though email is a great way to communicate we all know some never reach their destination.

All web sites must be paid for by check or credit card before going online.
Your credit card number will be kept securely on file and will be used if the account goes past due.
We accept Visa & Master Card


Check List:
Here is a list of what we will need to start your web site.

We can use photographs but please send us the original photo. We will return all photo's back to you...
Do not send us a photo that has been scanned and printed on a home computer. It will result in a low quality picture.
We can crop your photo but we are not always able to crop out all of the "stuff" in the background.
If you wish to have a halter removed, a fence post taken out, manure taken off, etc. there is an additional charge. Please explain what you wish to have done. We will not alter an animal in any way.
If you are sending a photograph please don't write on it...write the information on a sticky note and place it on the back of the photo.

Emailing Digital Photos...
They will need to be .jpg's and you will need to know what the file size is. This will be in KB or MB. There are 1,000,000 KB in a MB.
If your picture doesn't list it in your program you can right click on the photo and it will be under properties.
If you have high speed internet please limit the total attachment size to 5 MB. We can receive larger than that but you probably won't be able to send them.  If you have dial up internet limit the total attachment size to under 1 MB.
Make sure to send a separate email without attachments so we know to expect your pictures.  If we don't receive them we can contact you!
Email them to becky@showsteers.com or dianna@showsteers.com

Drop Box...
The new digital cameras produce very large pictures that take a loooong time to send by email.
You can send them though our YouSendIt account.  It's fast and easy to use.

Mailing Digital Photos...
You can write large file photos to a CD and mail them to us. Make sure you keep the originals!
Priority mail works best if you use snail mail (United States Postal Service).
Mailing Address: Showsteers.com; 333 LeNeta Dr.; Whitesboro, TX 76273

Scanned Photos...
If you scan a photo they must be at least 150 dpi high quality scans no smaller than 800 pixels wide and saved as a jpg.

Naming Photos...
If you rename a photo do not use any symbols in the file name. Keep it short and each photo needs to have a different file name.
Otherwise it may overwrite another photo and that one will be lost.

Embedding or a Link?
Your site will look more professional if we embed your You Tube Videos into your web site.  Upload your videos to You Tube and send us a link to each video.  We will do the rest.
We can place a link to your You Tube Videos on your site but you run the risk of people leaving your site and looking at your competitors  calves. $10/embedded video or $5/linked video.

You can send us your text or copy in an email or letter.
It's up to you as to what you want on your web site. We will need the basic who, what, where, when & how information. You can always add more text at a later time.  We do not accept faxed copy.

Emailing Text...
You can email us the text in a message. If you attach pictures please identify each picture by file name or number and give us the information for each picture.

Mailing Text...
It can be typed or handwritten - if it is hand written please print clearly.

If you are currently using a brand or logo, please send a clear copy in as large of a size available for clearest scanning.
Custom Logo's are available - call us for a quote. 903-564-5186

Color Preferences:
Please tell us if you have a definite color scheme or preference. 

Web Site Heading:
If you have a picture you would like to use in your web site heading please send them to us.

If you have any questions about how or what to send please don't hesitate to call us and ask!

Customer Comments

Our sale was good over the weekend.  Thanks in large part to you guys, your great work and the availability of showsteers.com.  I'm sure you hear this all the time, but I'm positive more people saw out page on showsteers than all of our other advertising and exposure combined.  Thank you so much for all of your help and your willingness to "freestyle" with our web site.  Most of all Thank You for your prompt attention with our changes and request as we all know promotion in the cattle business always seems to turn into a timed event...

Just to give you guys a little feedback.  My Google Analytics tells me who is sending people to our website and who isn't.  Showsteers is by far the best site out there and your Great Customer Service of promptly updating my website will keep us as customers.

Thanks so much for your work and dedication.  Showsteers.com is the most cost effective, large scale way to get exposure for our program.

Thanks Becky...Working with you is just like shopping at Staples  "That was Easy!"

I was just checking out the changes to the sites. We really do commend you on your excellent work. This is such a positive step for show cattle advertising!  I just wanted to say thanks from the entire "crew" at Bobby May Show Steers for taking our sales promotion to a whole new level. I hope that other livestock people see what you can offer them and use your service.
Bobby May Show Steers
Mineral Point, WI

Our web site on Showsteers.com has created a new group of "sight unseen" cattle bidders each year.  We receive 30 to 40 percent of our business from the web site.  It works especially good for the people who call to late to get a catalog in the mail.  They can go to the web site view pictures of the cattle and download the sale catalog.  Becky has always done my web site and I find no reason to go else where.
Ben Kelly -  Kelly Cattle Co
Dallas Center, IA

Yesterday you added a link on Showsteers.com for one of our customers.  They received a call within 10 minutes and sold a calf!!  Guess that's how it's suppose to work - They are going wild!
Rachel Williams - Ranch House Designs

The advertisers at "Showsteers.com reads like Who's Who of Industry Leaders.  We think it's important to be associated with winners and Showsteers.com leads the pack!
Dale Schlipf - Tree Lane Farms
El Paso, IL

We aren't a large operation and the web site you created for us was the best money we have ever spent on advertising. We have received interest beyond what we were expecting.
Jeff Cornell - Cornell Shorthorns & Red Angus
Layfayette, IN

Thank you very much, we have had a lot of interest in the calves......much of the thanks needs to go to you and showsteers.com!
Craig Mittag

Thanks so much for your quick response to these e-mails. We are picturing them as soon as we get them clipped and our sale is on Sunday so you are awesome for being so prompt in adding these pics to our website!
Greg Clark

The new flag has quintupled our site visits the first day! Y'all are the best!
Thanks! Brandon Culp
Grand 'Ole Place Farms

Showsteers.com has helped us immensely all year. You always do Great Work as well.
Thank You, Jeff and Mark Hara - Hara Farms

Thank you very much, if looks GREAT! Thanks for hard work the web site is perfect!
Diva Cattle Company - OK

I just noticed this note on your weekly e-mail blast and want to say "thank you" for offering such a nice service! :)
"If you have a website or a link with showsteers.com your sale is listed on our upcoming sale page, and it will now be included in this weekly Eblast. This is an added bonus to being listed on Showsteers.com and it reaches 3000 potential customers at no charge to you."
Also, we have a pasture sale this year…will you send me the pricing for an e-mail blast?
Thanks, Melinda Johnson - Triple J

We had an update today. If you could please flag the site. I really want to pay you guys a compliment for being so on the ball this time of year! We appreciate your professionalism.
Thanks again, Geoff Gates
Western Classic Female & Club Calf Sale

Thank you very much for the nice job you did on the website!! The phone is ringing off the hook!
Thank You!!  Ben Streitmatter

Am I impressed! I accidentally clicked back to our page and you already had the pictures on! That took you less time than it did for me to get them attached to the email and sent!
Thanks! Mary Lynne Giorgis

Site looks good thank you getting it done so quickly. Your site has helped us sell a lot of cattle this spring really pleased with the results.
Zac Colbert

Absolutely can’t believe the response from the web site! We are very pleased, thanks so much.
Jolyn Grothues

SHOWSTEERS.COM is owned and maintained by Ron & Becky Thompson
If you would like to advertise your cattle or related products on the Internet we can make it easy for you and at a price you can afford!
Becky Thompson: 903-564-5186
E-mail: becky@showsteers.com

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