Cattle Pictures from Years Ago
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The calves are some Acadia shorthorn calves from 50's

3/4 Chianina Bull purchased around 1979
Friggio/ Ferrero Breeding

This March 1979 Heifer was a 3/4 Simmental
Shown at the late July Cowley County Fair.

1957 Sale Day at the Hyland Angus Ranch, Highmore, SD
Clayton & Ted Jennings

Nov. 1956 - Ted Hunt, 17, Layfette, IN exhibited the Grand Champion Steer at the 11th Annual Bourbon Beef Show
Louisville, KY.
The Hereford Steer "Elmer" weighed 1,130 lbs. and brought $1.35 a pound.  He sold to Scotty's Market of Louisville. 
Elmer won a $1000 premium and supped in a downtown hotel with owner and admirers at the show's annual dinner.
Ted Hunt is a  Freshman majoring in Animal Husbandry at Perdue University.
Hunt Brothers Herefords located near Battle Ground, IN

Cover of the American Hereford Journal Jan. 1979.
Number 4 - 2nd from the right, is a Hunt Brothers Bull that was being shown at Kansas City for the 20-Grand Sale.  He was Reserve Champion Sale Bull. 
"I had Bud, who was living in St. Joseph, MO, hire a Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader to lead this bull through the sale ring.  When the gal showed up, she was about 15 and homely as a clock.  Bud gave her $30 and sent her on her way".
Hunt Brothers Herefords

PS Troubadour was the Grand Champion steer at the 1956 Chicago International. He was bred at Penn State and was sired by Calrossie Troubadour, who was a herd sire at Cyrus Eaton's Acadia Farms.
Cyrus Eaton was the owner and Chairman of the Board of the Cheasapeake and Ohio Railroad.
After this win, he commissioned a luxury parlor car on the C&O railroad to be named the PS Troubadour, and he toured this steer throughout almost all parts of the USA and Canada for almost two years.
This steer was displayed at major events from the East coast to the West coast, was introduced to numerous movie stars and leading politicians .... and was one of the first animals to be displayed on numerous Television shows in the early years of TV.
This steer has his own attendants that traveled with him and cared for him year round. No animal in history was ever introduced to as many world leaders as this steer was.

Becky Lewis Thompson
1964 Grand Champion Steer (Hereford) - 3 County Show - Lemmon, SD

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