Mower County Fairgrounds-Austin, MN - 1:00PM
Selling 45 Head of Steers and Heifers.
Including, Angus, Shorthorn, Hereford, Charolais, Maintainer, Simmental & Crossbreds.
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Headliner (Heat Wave/Stockridge Hazel (Century Touchstone-PB Angus) x Crossbred
Crossbred Steer   DOB: 3/10/11
My kind of steer, could have sold him earlier but I saved him for this sale. You can't go wrong with a steer who's soft, sound, and the perfect size. Don't worry he's got great hair and a big backside too.
Headliners like this one make GREAT fat steers.

Charming (Monopoly/Eastwood (Jolt) x Crossbred
Crossbred Heifer   DOB: 3/20/11
One of my favorites all summer, she just never had a bad day. She's a bit green now, but what a sexy fronted great haired heifer prospect. I love her structure and balance, add in a big square hip and you have a very complete and competitive individual.

Rockafeller (Headliner/Stockridge Sage (Ransom-PB Angus) x Crossbred
Crossbred Steer   DOB: 4/12/11
One of the prettiest calves I had this year, this young steer gets better everyday. Perfect fit for the MN State Fair.

Rockafeller (Headliner/Stockridge Sage (Ransom- PB Angus) x Tinks 734 (Meyer Ranch 734/Tinkerbell)
Reg. Pending 3/8 Simmental Heifer   DOB: 3/2/11
Super soft, big bodied Simmental heifer. I love this kind, show her anywhere have a ball, then make a donor out of her! Can you imagine what she'll look like as a bred, wow.
Little history on the sire, Rockafeller, he's a Headliner son that I raised out of a great PB Angus cow.
His calves just get better and better with age.
Need more? Ask the Hawkins family what they think of him, 2010 MN Beef Expo - Champion prospect steer, 2010 MN State Fair - Res. Grand Champion steer, 2011 Dakota County - Grand Champion breeding heifer.

Vegas: Sire (CF Trump/NPS Mirage) x Presley (Headliner/Tinkerbell)
Reg. Pending Shorthorn Plus  Heifer/FreeMartin  DOB: 4/4/11
Born a twin, probably a freemartin. You don't need a separate pen for this one just feed her with your steers then go have fun. Great hair, perfect structure from all angles she's just plain cool!

Warhorse (AHL Double Stuff 306/RW Red Debbie 70) x Maxi (PB Angus)
Reg. Pending Shorthorn Plus Heifer   DOB: 3/11/11
Breeding heifer prospect that can be papered as a Shorthorn Plus. Long sided, pretty heifer with a great attitude.
When your done showing her, the Angus base won't hurt either.

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