Dud has been DNA tested homozygous for the ugly trait! 

In an effort to further promote our outstanding herd sire "Dud"
we recently hired a new ranch manager: "Buffalo Bob".

Click Here to Meet Bob and learn what's on his mind. (Very Little)
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Tired of using great looking "club calf" bulls that sire nothing but duds?  Why not use a real "Dud"? 

At least you won't waste time dreaming about how great your calf crop will be.  We can just about guarantee you'll hate these little suckers!    Just think, no more sleepless nights wondering how much longer you can hang on at the bank. 

Use this bull and you can concentrate on the important things in life- like which auctioneer to hire for your ranch sale!

Last year "Dud" was one of the most talked about bulls in Denver!
See "DUD" in the yards at Denver

Here are some of the comments we heard from respected cattlemen from across the U.S.:


"Gee, what an ugly bugger!"


"Man, what was that dummy thinking, bringing one this bad out here to display?"


"Charles Barkley has more hair on the top of his head than this bull has on his whole body."


"Don't get too close, I saw him mauling one of the fitters this morning."


"Why didn't they cut him?"


"I could just puke!"

Flash:  Of the first 12 calves sired by "Dud" we only lost 4 cows due to difficult births!! Sire: Cow Killer
Dam: Spot the milk cow
Date of Birth:  Feb. 34th 1996
Birth Wt.- 147 lbs.  "Recommended for Heifers!"
(Hey, your vet has a family to feed too.)

Semen Cost: $0.00  (If you're dumb enough to use it, we'll just give it to you!)
Volume discounts on 100 or more units

We are in the process of syndicating "Dud".
You can own a piece of this great up and coming sire too.  Only 2 million shares will be offered to the public at $5/share.
What do you get with your purchase of "Dud" shares?
We'll make you famous-you make us rich! Duhhhh...

Send your cash to:
Ron Thompson
36951 229th St.
Wessington Springs, SD 57382

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If you take this page seriously-I've got some "ocean front" property here in South Dakota I'd like to sell also.