Top 10 ways to tell if you Jackpot to much!

When your Christmas gifts are cattle supplies.
When your relaxation time is combing your steers hair in the state you live in.

If your kids jeans are wore out in the knees
In study hall in school your kids look at cattle magazines.
Know more kids at a cattle show then you do in your school
I didnít get my homework done because I was training the hair on my steer.
In computer class your looking on cattle websites.
If you care more about your cattle than you do your girlfriend.
You play a football game on Friday night and the next day your on the end of the halter showing a calf.
You always order pizza the first night at a cattle show.

1.When you hear the weather reports your first thoughts are "Is this good hair growing weather?"
2. Your house may be dirty but you have a clean barn.
3. All your shoes have had manure on them, even your dress shoes.
4. The only time you have ever bought hair dye has been for your cattle.
5. Your yard has hoof imprints & manure piles through out it from walking your cattle.
6. You check the posts on Showsteers several times a day!

1. When you use the excuse "I have to bathe my steers" to get out of a bad date, and they believe you.
2. When you have to say "I have to bathe my steers" when asked to go out on a date you actually want to go on.
3. When your friends know not to ask you to do things in the evenings, because your have to wash your steers.
4. When, instead of saving money for things like college, you spend your life's savings all on a single animal.

1. If you've ever slept on your showbox instead of your bed.
2. If you have a different showbox for every type of animal you show.
3. If you go to more than 3 shows out of state a year.
4. If you've ever dried your hair with a blower.
5. If you have a second trailer for showboxes and stuff like that.

1. When you gather up the whole family, (including cows, equipment, & trailer) get in the truck and say "We're going on a vacation!", because the closest thing to a vacation is a jackpot show!

1. If your prize calf is the wallpaper for your cell phone instead of your family photo.

1. You have a separate trailer for moving cattle just so that your show trailer don't get dirty.
2. If you have more than 2 jocks phone number in your cell phone.
3. You show to much when you change your Christmas Dinner so the Hoof Trimmer can trim hoofs on Christmas Day.
4. Adhesive doubles as your hair spray as you walk to the ring.

1. When you live in your a/c trailer instead of your house.
2. When you win a truck in a raffle and you ask if you're going to keep it and your dad says no, I'll trade it in on a heifer.
3. When you have 3 different showboxes.
4. When you get bald and your kids give you twine and a bottle of tail adhesive!

1. You might Jackpot too much if your cattle's hair looks better than yours.
2. You might Jackpot too much if you spend more time with your cattle than you do with your own family.
3. You might be hooked on showing if your idea of dinner with atmosphere is a clean showbox away from the manure pile.
4. You might be hooked on showing if your steer costs more than your truck.

1.  Your Sullivan's bill is bigger than your electric bill.
2.  You can tell somebody more about the Judge than some of your cousins.
3.  Your calves lie down immediately when you tie their heads down because they know it is going to be a long day.
4.  You get bored with just winning breed championships.
5.  Your best friends are people that you show with.
6.  Your chute has about a 2 inch pile of false hair and tail adhesive and 4 holes in it.
7.  You get to the point and say "Don't worry about that, paint will cover it".
8.  You don't wash, you give a quick rinse with blown on soap and call it good because it is so damn cold.
9.  Your fitter's bill cost more than your house payment.
10. Your calves will only eat when they are tied up to the side of the trailer.


The steer no longer craps til he steps out of the trailer.
The steer knows he aint gettin water til he weighs in so he is immediately looks for the scales.
You don't have to lead the steer to the wash rack after a show, he just follows you.
The neck of your trailer so full of director's chairs, you don't have room for feed and blowers.
Your have at least one of the following you picked up that someone left at the show: blower, fan, feed pans, water hose, fitting supplies.
You plan your family gatherings in the summer time around county fair open shows.
Your trailer has A/C and a showbox, feed pans, and a blower than never leave it all year round.
You have so many banners and you can't tell the color of your wallpaper.
When your livestock trailer has a/c, but your tuck doesn't.
When the Sullivan trailer guys know YOU by name and recognize you at all the shows.
When your cooler room in the barn is turned on a month and half before the A/C in the house.
When you have more pictures of calves on the fridge than you do of your own children.
When you have all your calve's birthdates memorized by heart, but you always seem to miss you kid's birthdays.
Your steer won't eat out of the trough, he only eats out of a feed pan.
Your steer won't drink out of a creek or hydrant, just water buckets.
No need to bring the water filter to city shows, they already are used to it, you use the filter at home!

Here is a true story! When you are on your way to a show and the trany goes out on your pickup and the pickup burns to the ground and you call your dad to bring the other truck and you still make it to the show.

1. You have a show box for supplies, food, radio/TV entertainment center, and a keg
2. You have to take your steers, box's and chutes in one trailer, and have your buddy bring the lawn chairs in his truck.
3. You know all the guys at the Sullivan's' trailer by first name and know the prices of products off the top of your head.
4. You keep a box of twine already cut up in your box, with some hair from the past shows mixed in.
5. Your truck, trailer and barn are cleaner, and cost more than your mobile home you live in.
6. If your calves know YOUR name and immediately go to the ring when you're called!

When you make a hotel reservation you always book three or four rooms because you know by the time show day rolls around you will have them all filled.
You remember important events in your life by which show you where at when they happened.
When you can give directions to almost every fair grounds in your state, but you always mess up directions to your own house.

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