Bill Lewis
January 26, 1917 - June 11, 2007


Moving us to the Grand River Ranch. 

The swimming hole at the irrigation.

Teaching us how to skate and keeping the snow off of the river so we could.

Your gloves when our hands got cold.

Showing us the beauty in the land and sky around us.

Taking us through Yosemite Park.

The sleigh rides and chopping down our own Christmas Tree.

Water fights and watermelon eating (and wearing.)

Getting us up in the middle of the night to move black cows

it MUST have taught us something.

The Horse Shows, Trail Rides, Ropings, Playdays, Rodeos......

Peanuts and Popcorn, Strip, Reba, Wimpy, Jim, Shade, Hobart... and all the good horses you put under us.  (notice NO-ONE mentioned "Pat")

Allowing us to grow up with and the love of good horses.

Teaching us the difference between a "Good" horse and a "Pretty" one.

Teaching us to love all animals.


Adopting Vicky :) (Vicky is my Twin Sister)

Homemade horse trailers.

The "patience" of teaching us to drive.

Teaching us to be independent.

Teaching us to treat people with respect.

Teaching us how to be a bit of a diplomat at times. (And being a little head strong at other times)

Teaching us how to make friends and be a friend.

For the sacrifices you made to make sure that we didn't have to.

Never complaining about the cost of raising us. Just working harder.

Letting us be ourselves without us knowing that we were ourselves because of you.

The love of history.

Being the man we measure every man against.

Not acting scared...... when we were.

Listening to our dreams, schemes, and the encouragements of them.

Standing by us in the choices we made whether they were right or wrong.

Observing our failures, and not making a big deal of them.

Laughter and humor..........period.

Hitting the punching bag better than anyone.

Showing us how to skip rock.

Helping us break our 4-H calves to lead (at least to snub them around the post to get them to the wash rack)

Teaching us integrity.

Teaching us to treat people like we would want to be treated.

Teaching us to have a backbone, and to stand up for ourselves.

Taking the time to take a vacation with us every year.

Being proud of me even if I went to the dogs!

Building me a beautiful rock garden.

Cussin' with flair.....Your own unique sayings that have become famous.

Campfire cookin'.

Laughing when your beard was full of Oreo frosting and your hand full of spaghetti.

Letting us drive the team with the cake wagon.

Living life with GUSTO!

The stories you tell, and the lessons from them that you pass along.

Paying more than your share... every time.

Teaching us to ALWAYS make sure the grain bin door was shut.

The example and value of backing up a friend.

Calling a spade a spade, or a son of-a-bitch....a-son-of-a-bitch.

Talking horses with me after everyone's eyes have glazed over.

Letting me skip school to ride on the cattle drive.

Telling about WWII like it was one big adventure and an

opportunity to see the world.

Loving to dance, although never like the master!

Showing us fun is the best thing to have.

Treating our Mom with Love and Respect.

Being the best Dad we could ask for.

For always telling us you love us.

There are so many more things we could all write, but most of all want you to know:

We are Proud and Honored to call Bill Lewis our "Dad".

WE LOVE YOU DAD!     Happy Father’s Day!

Vicky, Gary, Patty “The Tailgate”& Becky