Lot 1 - My Kind x Angus/Meyer 734
DOB: September 2014
Charolais Cross Bred Heifer
Bred to Size Matters - Due date 9/10/17
Pasture exposed to a LBW Angus bull 12-07-16 to 2-15-2017

Lot 2 - Solid Gold x Hoo Doo
DOB: April 2014
Charolais Cross  Bred Cow
Bred to Business Done Right - Due date 9/10/17
Pasture exposed to a Hereford bull from 12-15-16 to 1-2-2017 and a Charolais Firewater son from 1-2-2017 to 2-15-2017
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Thank you for your interest in our Second Annual Fall Calving Female Sale. The cows are bred to produce champion quality show calves and the heifers are bred to proven calving ease bulls that will produce good replacements.  The heifers are a little older and more mature and should make excellent cows. 
After the cows were A I ‘ed they were cleaned up with a Hereford bull that is sired by Kris Black’s Goose bull and out of our 0515 Hereford donor cow from 12-15-2016 to 1-2-2017.  They were then turned with a Charolais Firewater son until 2-15-2017.  The heifers were turned with a “PCC Johnny Be Good” son from 12-7-2016 to 2-15-2017.
These cattle have had all their vaccinations.  They are all good uttered and footed and have been on fescue and bermuda grass pasture. They have not been fed any supplemental feed.  What you see is what you get.  
Again, thank you for your interest and good luck in the future.    Mike Detherage
 Reserve Champion Steer
2016 Sandhills Stockshow - Odessa, TX

Resesrve Champion ORB Heifer
2015 Houston
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