Lot 1 - Starburst x Warhorse May Shorthorn Heifer
What a way to start a sale with this female. This purebred Starburst daughter has been a standout since birth and surprises us every day.
When you combine her rib shape, smooth shoulder and her jet front, you just can't go wrong with this lady.
Either show her or put her in the donor pen, it's a win-win either way.

Lot 2 - Hi Ho Silver x No Imp/HW March Chi Steer
This calf’s dam was a First Class Female sale purchase that hit it big!
This smokey steer is sound, chubby, and awesome haired. Feed him for the long haul, this one will be fun at your state fair! 

Lot 3 - Kodiak x Lut/Loretta Feb Angus Heifer
So what does HF Tiger, HF Prowler and SOO LINE Motive have in common with this great female…
All sired by the Canadian Phenom HF Kodiak 5R and on the bottom side is the Loretta cow!!
Maternal sib sold in Mogck’s sale for $28,000. Another maternal sib was a many time champion for the Burg Family in SD.
You will notice extra foot size and bone on this powerful, sound and stylish female.
Lot 4 - I80 x WDM/8 Donor April Maine/Chi Heifer
We think this is the kind it takes to win as a bred.
Long skinny neck, sound structure and good bodied. A month younger than her maternal sisters in the sale but quality is just as high!
True cow power behind these females out of our 8 donor. 
Lot 5 - Here I Am x Irish Whiskey/Loretta March Maintainer Heifer
This female has so much potential.
Greener than most, but her Irish Whiskey dam that is in the pasture to evaluate comes from the great Loretta cow.
She has the freaky front and she's sound. She has all the right parts, just needs some time. See how her neck and shoulders tie in so well…
She's high in the order for a reason.
Lot 6 - Beast x Alias Feb. Commercial Heifer
This Beast heifer is the real deal. She is truly one that we hate to let go of. Just look at the cow power!
She is cool fronted, big bellied, big footed and as sound as a cat. This one is front pasture quality and a money making queen.
Lot 7 - Starburst x Warhorse Feb. Shorthorn Steer
This red steer goes back to our champion producing Warhorse cow. She has more than proven herself in the show ring and producing winning offspring, this steer won’t let you down. Clean front and hair. Great on his feet and legs… He won’t be a hold over steer, but will be 12 o’clock at an earlier state fair and being an easy feeding PB horn will make it a tough division. 
Lot 8 - Starburst x Warhorse March Shorthorn Steer
Look at the power and the attractiveness in this guy. He's big boned, big hipped, big middled and smooth made.
He is also a full brother to the Lot 1 heifer and lot 7 steer! The quality here speaks for itself.
Lot 9 - Monopoly x Contender/Pearl March Chi & Maintainer Steer
The first of a set of Monopoly flush mates (Lots 9, 16 & 21). We love the soundness and structure of this calf.
He is big middle and carries his head and neck just right off his shoulders. He is very quiet and will feed awesome.
Dam was a many time champion (Pearl).
Lot 10 - Loaded for Bear x Stacked Deck March Commercial Steer
This chromed up steer has nothing but power. He is a sound, easy feeding, honest steer.
He was quiet in the chute and has good hair.
Lot 11 - Gold Standard x WDM/8 Donor March Chi Heifer
Not sure why we are selling this female! Imagine what she will bring in Dunlap as a bred!
Backed by our 8 donor this female is a true breeding piece!
Lot 12 - Insight x Antidote March Angus Heifer
This is a beautifully profiling heifer that is sound with loads of belly. Having the style and elegance of an Insight will get her noticed in the ring and being an Antidote will make her produce it the pasture. 
We really like this heifer and think she has a bright future. A full sister sells in Mogck’s Pasture Sale. Go take a look.  
Lot 13 - Mogck Confidence x Starburst May SH Plus Heifer
 She will be the most competitive natural calf to date and makes us excited for what potential her dam has.
This beautiful blue roan Shorthorn+ is so big middled, sound and hairy we can’t say enough good about her. 
She will compete being a May with style and more power than the Marches.
Lot 14 - Jakes Proud Jazz x Brillance/Heat Wave March SH Plus Heifer
 This lady is a special one, starting out born 30 days early she has made leaps and bounds of progress.
This one is cool in her design and correct in her lines!  She has the power to back it up. 
Not to mention she's got a cool name! Let me introduce you to Haybale. Thanks Coy for the cool name and all your hard work. 
Lot 15 - Hi HOo Silver x Carnac/Chill Factor March Chi Heifer
Market heifer deluxe! Backed by a proven cow from Jason Krick. We think she's big time! 
Lot 16 - Monopoly x Contender/Pearl March Chi & Maintainer Steer
Here is the chromed up brother of the flush. He has a sleek front and we love the way he carries himself on the move.
He has the style and balance to win early and continue on through state fair.  His mother was a many time champion. Have a lot of potential and fun with this guy going forward.
Lot 17 - Jakes Proud Jazz x Brillance/Heat Wave March SH Plus  Steer
This Jake's proud Jazz steer is one who has always caught our eye! He is big topped, thick, nickel fronted and sound, all put together in an attractive package.
Lot 18 - Here I Am x Driver March Chi Heifer
 A sleeper in the sale. This one is built like they should be. Sound, huge rib cage, and perfect muscle shape.
It's no secret these Here I Am's are awesome cattle!
Lot 19 - Daddy's Money x WDM/ 8 Donor March Maine & Chi Heifer
A dual registered heifer with an incredible pedigree! Built right from the ground up, this one can show and then be your next donor!
Maternal sister to champions and high sellers. Bid to own! 
Lot 20 - Asset x 20/20 March Shorthorn Steer
This Asset steer is the greenest steer on the sale.
This guy is patterned well and has all the right parts take him home and have fun watching him progress!
Lot 21 - Monopoly x Contender/Pearl March Chi & Maintainer Steer
Last but not least for sure. We think this calf has a ton of potential.
He is just a rock solid calf that as he matures he will continue to get better and better.
Working him in the chute tells us he will be a great first year project. He has additional volume and rib shape along with an exceptional front end.
That flush was as good as we have ever had.
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