th Overall Crossbred Steer - Heart Of It All
Shown by: Hali Lake
Sold by: Colbert Cattle Company to DaLin Show Cattle

Class Winner Kansas City
Shown by: Tamar Adcock
Sold with Bill and Brian Elliott

Champion AOB Heifer - IL Beef Expo
Reserve Champion AOB Heifer - IL State Fair
Shown by Brad Craig
Sold by: Colbert Cattle Company and Keith Kleine
Bred by Bill and Brian Elliott

Champion Open Jackpot Heifer - Illinois State Fair
3rd Overall Heifer Champ. Maintetainer  Donnelson, IA
4th Overall Heifer - WIU Preview
Champion Mainetainer IL Beef Expo
Supreme Female World Beef Expo Open Show
Reserve Supreme Female World Beef Expo Junior Show

Shown by: Makenzie Ewalt & Family
Sold by: DaLin Show Cattle
and Colbert Cattle Company

Rese3rve Division 3 Crossbred Steer - IL Beef Expo
Shown by Gracia Ramp
Sold by: Colbert Cattle Company and DaLin Show Cattle

Shown by John and Katelyn Schumacher
Reserve Charlois Steer Missouri State Fair
Bred by Keith Kleine
Sold by Colbert Cattle Company

Shown by Derek Miller
5th overall Michigan Beef Expo
Bred by Colbert Cattle Company
Sold by DaLin Show Cattle

Shown by Jacob Hinshaw
Reserve AOB Steer Illinois Beef Expo
Sold by Colbert Cattle Company and DaLin Show Cattle

Champion Market Heifer WIU Hoof and Horn
Bred by Tapken Cattle Company
Owned by Colbert Cattle Company and Keith Kleine

Shown by: Brad Craig
Bred by: Shea Geffert
Sold with: Foose, Wiggim, Issacson, Gray
Champion Market Animal Section 7 FFA Show
Champion Overall Heifer Grundy Co. Fair

Shown by Kayden Guymon
Many time champions, Res. Division 1 Illinois State Fair. Bred by Brian and Radny Postin.
Sold by Colbert Cattle Company

Bred and sold by: Colbert Cattle Co.
Purchased by: Devon and Dennis Fraker
4th Overall heifer Washington, Iowa

Shown by: Lacy Porter
bred and sold by: Brown Farms and Colbert Cattle Co.
Class winner Illinois State Fair

Shown by: Wedig Family of Wisconsin
Re-sold by: Caldwell/Bowman
bred and sold by: Colbert Cattle Co.
Reserve Overall Heifer WIU Preview Show

Shown by: Egbert Family of Ohio
Sold by: Troy Goretska
Bred by: Colbert Cattle CO.
Many Time Champion through out Ohio


Shown by: Hunter Weber
Sold by: Colbert Cattle Co., Elliott Show Calves, and Grey Cattle Co.
Bred by; Dave Cox
Heart of it All Champion Angus Ring A & B
Champion Angus Illinois Beef Expo
Champion Angus U of I Preview Show
Grand Champion Angus and Grand Champion Land of Lincoln Steer Illinois State Fair Open Show
Reserve Grand Champion Angus Steer Illinois State Fair Junior Show

Shown by: Tyler Ewalt
purchased from and bred by: Jeff O'leary
5th Overall heifer WIU Preview Show

Shown by: Donna McCune
Sold by: Colbert Cattle Co. and Matt Wigim
Bred by: Miller Family Farms
Reserve Simmi Illinois Beef Expo
Reserve Simmi WIU Preview Show

Champion Angus 2009 Heart of it All  Bred by Dave Cox,  Sold by us and Brian and Bill Elliott  Resold by Zac Gray  Shown by Hunter Weber
Champion Shorthorn steer Marshall-Putnam County Fair and Bureau County 4-H Fair
Reserve Champion Shorthorn Bureau County Fair and Henry County Fair
2nd in class at Jr Nationals
Congratulations Donna McCune

Resreve Chi Illinois State fair open jackpot and
Champion Commercial heifer WIU preview show Congratulations Donna McCune

Champion AOB steer Illinois state fair Jr. show  Congratulations Tyler Ewalt and family.  Full brother for sale

Champion Simmental Steer Illinois Beef Expo
Shown by Boode Schlipf
Special Thanks to Caldwell Show Steers for placing this calf.

Calf Champion Lo% simmy heifer
2009 Iowa state fair open show
Congratulations and a big thank you to Troy Goretska and family for all the work they put in on this heifer.  She sells Oct 24th
contact Troy for more info (641) 344-2087

Reserve Market Heifer Kentucky Beef Expo.
Shown by Mackenzie Schmalschopf.

Calf Champion Chi Heifer World Beef Expo.
Shown by Stephanie Dickson
A Special thank you to Matt and Ashley Hueber for placing this calf.

Reserve Maine Steer
Badger Kickoff and Kentucky Beef Expo.
Shown by Tyler Ewalt

Reserve Crossbred Missouri AGR
Reserve Overall Heifer Donnelson Spring Preview Show Raised by Dave Cox
Owned and Shown by us and the John Beoletto family


Zac and Braden Colbert
145 West Ash; Canton, IL 61520
309.647.0947 H   309.357.0898 C