Past Winners

Champion AOB and Supreme 2013 Pana Tri-County Classic
Champion AOB and Reserve Supreme DuQuoin State Fair
Champion Chi Purdue AGR
Reserve Division 3 Chi Illinois State Fair
Shown by Ethan Hanold
Raised by Us

Reserve Supreme Heifer 2012 Iowa Beef Expo
Shown by Colin Swanson
Raised by Us
Built Right x Black Jade

Reserve Grand Champion Junkor Simmental Heifer 2088 NAILE
Shown by Katie Linhart
Raised By Us
Dream On x Black Jade

Grand Champion 2008 Simmental Junior Nationals
Grand Champion Simmental San Antonio
Shown by Tyler Mackey
Raised by Us
Dream On x Black Jade

Reserve Supreme Heifer 2012 Iowa State Fair
Supreme Heifer Missouri AGR
Supreme Heifer Syarcuse Both Rings
Third Overall Fort Dodge
Who Da Man x
Shown by Maddy Udell
BFSC Hottie (Heat Wave x Black Jade)

Grand Champion Percentage Simmental Heifer 2013 Keystone
Grand Champion Percxentage Simmental Heifer Ohio State Fair Open Show
Supreme Champion Heifer Gallipolis
Shown by Janel Gilbert
Monopoly x BFSC Lovie (Dream On x Black Jade)

Reserve Supreme Steer 2013 Illinois State Fair
Fifth Overall Kentucky Beef Expo
Shown by Hunter Weber
Raised by Us and Wolfe